Mancave Collection

Mancave Collection

Welcome to The Mancave!

Hello and and welcome to Mancave Collection! This website is a portfolio of my impressive mancave, as it's something I'm proud of that I want to share with the world. My name is Colby Ellsworth, and I've had a mancave in my parent's house since I was 9 years old. This room was converted from a section of the garage into a great functioning mancave, and I've filled the room with impressive collections, a TV, a mini fridge, and that's just touching the surface. I inherited a very large collection of Legos, and the mancave provided a place to store and display them as well as a video game collection. This mancave has been incredibly fun and useful to me for years, and it has gone through many changes to make it a truly one-of-a-kind place.

On this website, you will find:

  • Many images and a video to show the Mancave's features in detail
  • The Room Page, which shows the purpose and features of the room
  • The Collection Page, which shows information about the collections
  • The Contact Page, which allows you to contact me to ask questions
  • Timeline pages, which show the changes made to the room over time

I hope you are impressed with this showcase of the Mancave. This room has been a fun project for years and I have very much enjoyed making memories with friends and family in the Mancave. Please explore the site and enjoy the Mancave Collection!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun

- Randy Pausch

Images of the Mancave

Image of the full mancave Image of the mancave entrance Image of the mancave TV area Image of the LEGO display area