Mancave Collection

Mancave Collection

The LEGO Collection

The largest collection that I own, and one of my favorite hobbies as well, is the LEGO collection. LEGOs have been a hobby for me and my twin brother ever since we were three or four, and we would go upstairs all the time to play with the LEGOs our older brothers had collected. Some of my earliest memories are of building with LEGOs and role-playing silly adventures in the large playroom upstairs. As I continued growing up LEGOs were still my favorite thing, and I would ask for LEGO sets as Christmas presents and buy them with my monthly allowance. Of course having trouble walking and getting to the LEGOs upstairs is what led to the collection moving to the Mancave, and my love for LEGOs didn't wane there. As I kept getting LEGOs the collection kept growing, and I built many of my own creations and basically lived and breathed LEGO until high school. This is right around where my muscle disease made it difficult to build LEGOs, and naturally in high school I started focusing on other things. The collection's growth slowed down quite a bit, but I still build new LEGOs occasionally. I hope that LEGOs will always be one of my hobbies.

The middle LEGO storage shelves

As of now, most of the LEGO collection is in large plastic boxes in my storage shelves. There are tons of pieces in all of these boxes, and any number of creations could be made with all of the parts.

The left LEGO storage shelves The right LEGO storage shelves

In the higher shelves are sorting bins in the time since we tried to sort some of the collection, but we gave up on that. There are some pieces in all of these sorted by type, like LEGO figures, bricks, plates, etc.

The LEGO sorting bins

Not everything is so well-organized, as there are LEGO pieces scattered all over the place. My nephews love to play with LEGOs so there is the associated mess! Scattered LEGO parts is just part of the fun ;)

A table covered with random pieces

Probably the best-looking part of the Mancave is the display shelves. To the right of the biggest shelf is an improvised shelf made from stacking two tables, and on top of the tables is my mother's collection of LEGO buildings. Yes, she loves LEGOs too.

Second LEGO display shelf

The main shelf is the first thing most people notice in the Mancave, and we actually put it in less than a year ago. I got it from IKEA and filled it with most of my completed LEGO kits, mostly Star Wars related. We even put LEGOs on top of it when we ran out of space.

Main LEGO display shelf Top of the main display shelf

Finally, in the corner by my desk is a manual bin where I keep all the LEGO instruction manuals I've had over the years. There is a shocking number of manuals in there, and it's full to the top.

LEGO instruction storage bins

That's the entirety of the LEGO collection. There are bigger collections out there, but this one is big enough for me. I always enjoy it when people see the Mancave for the first time and let out an audible gasp because of the LEGO collection, and it just goes to show how important LEGOs have been to my childhood and entire life.

How The Collection Was Acquired

Me and my twin brother's LEGO collection was originally inherited from our older brothers, and it's been a large collection ever since we were kids. It was all upstairs at first, and was composed of parts and custom creations. As we played these custom creations were disassembled, and we had more of a focus on getting LEGO sets and building them as time went on. Me and my twin brother made many of our own creations too, but with us getting new sets often, the collection grew. When we were younger most new LEGOs were gifts from family, or bought with allowance money. Being an adult now and spending my own money is one reason I buy less LEGOs now, haha. As time went on, old sets were broken as new ones were built, and that's why there are tons of half-built things and LEGO figures all over the room. Of course, the collection growth slowed down in recent years, but it is still growing slowly as I buy a new kit every once in a while.